I keep track for fun. Here's a big list:

1.  Dec 29th 2010 at nite light café
2. Jan 29th2011 at nite light café
3. March 24th Reuseapalooza at house café
4. April 2nd at nite light café
5. May 1st, at disaster house (1st house) last show
6. June 25th battle of the bands at nite light café
7. June 28th in Lincoln Park house show
8. July 2nd, at Gong Fest, Dekalb
9. July 8th at Geri’s Bday party
10. July 9th at  Chi apartment with die for me and ridgelands
11. July 15th- 7th street space
12. July 28th- swing state with bear and evoli and others
13. August 20th- house café with phantom scars
14. Sept 17th, torie’s bday show
15. Sept 30th, house café with phantom scars again
16. Sept 30th, house party. (2 shows in one night!)
17. Oct. 29th, Gong Fest 2! Halloween Edition
18. Nov. 5th, Punk Rock House café show
19. Nov 6th, House café playing for change
20. Nov. 17th House Café petition signing event
21. Nov. 19th Eric Sterling Bday partayyy
22. Nov. 23rd JAKS in South Beloit, IL w/ Trip Effect
23. Dec. 1st 7th street w/ dead cats dead rats
24. Jan 6th, 2012Metaphysics apartment show
25. Jan 21st, apartment show with stockyards and uglybones
26. Fev 4th, house café with stockyards, nobelium 102, p scars, hasta lumbago, supercush
27. Feb 29th, potbellys tower fundraiser with dave green and chris dertz
28. March 2nd, 7th street with A, cadence fox, and others
29. March 2nd, mike tri’s house party (2 shows in one night, woo!)
30. March 23rd, Disastr House ska show
31. March 24th, Blue Eagle apartment acoustic/poetry night
32. April 14th, Occupy Rockford
33. April 28th, 7th st acoustic/poetry night
34. May 4th, house party with sleeping is my 9 to 5
35. May 5th, 7th street with so many good dekalb bands
36.  May 10th, house party with uglybones and sound district
37. May 12th, gong’s grad party
38. May 19th, Eric and Camille’s acoustic/poetry night
39. May 20th, going away party in Rochelle with nobelium and them representatives
40. May 25th, house café bedroom sons tour kickoff
41. June 15th, acoustic/poetry at 7th st
42. June 23rd, Steveos house

43. July 6th, Tour Kick off party @ The House Café
44. July 7th: Champaign, IL w/ Midstress, FuckTard, Terror Suspect, & Common Human Traits
45. July 9th: Rockford, IL @ Disaster House w/ Skin Factor & The Mill
46. July 10th: Madison, WI @ The Dragonfly Lounge w/ Dharma Dogs & Stellarator
47. July 11th: Chicago, IL @ Late Bar w/ Guerilla

48. August 11th, House Café w/ them reps, skin factor, pisces at animal fair, nobelium
49. August 24th, TOSSERSFLATFOOT DUAL House Café w/ FLATFOOT 56, Seasonalmenswear
50. August 25th, Ricky Reed’s house party, with stockyards, hasta, and seasonalmenswear!
51. September 18th, Disastr house w/ Tommie the commie, Vatican pity, universoul love
52. September 21st, Matt Nix bday at Swerp mansion!
53. September 22nd, Quenchers- Chicago w/dead end days, joie de vivre, KIND OF LIKE SPITTING
54. September 28th, acoustic/poetry night at 7th st space
55. September 29th, Joe Mijal bday party with Seasonal men’s wear
56. September 30th, House Café comp release party!
57. October 12th, Brian Hopf house party with nobelium
58. October 20th, Eric and Camille acoustic poetry night
59. October 25th, 7th st with tommy, bear, LYCKA TILL AND RYAN HARVEY
60. November 3rd, carlin fest at house café w/ awesome bands
61. November 11th, Quenchers w/ AUSTIN LUCAS and Woodrow Hart
62. November 16th, House café w/ mike adams, ridgelands, dave green, sleeping9to5
63. November 25th, Disastr house w/ griffin, pretty obscure, party marty, tim something?
64. Dec. 14th, 7th st w/ stockyards, dharma dogs!, saw chuk, dead church, mwa
65. Dec. 28th, house café w/ phantom scars, nobelium, them reps, frog fight, skin factor
66. Jan 2nd, 2013 Quenchers w/ jack rabbit surf safari, joe from droughts, eric from dowsing
67. Feb. 9th, house café nobelium bday party w/ them reps, smw, p scars, and nobelium
68. March 2nd, 7th st w/ flesh panthers, stockyards, phantom scars, pure predication, uglybones
69.  March 9th. Matthews, North Carolina! Park w/ NC people Brendan, Jordan, etc, Dollar Signs
70. March 10th, Franklin (outside of Nashville) TN open mic! w/ Bandits!
71. March 16th, house café w/ smw, stockyards, will of man, and electric needle room
72. April 11th, house café w/ SEAN BONNETTE, IAN GRAHAM, and seasonal mens wear
73. May 20th, otto’s w/ an aesthetic anesthetic, Richardson x2, hasta lumbago
74. May 26th, 7th st w/ dave green, gina from Constantine, jerry fels, chris bell
75. May 30th, house café w/ hasta, Richardson, phantom scars, inflatable best friend
76. June 14th, house café w/ chris bell, the witching hours, THE WILD
77. June 19th, my apartment w/ lesbian poetry, sally the cat, person whale, and dirty bones
78. June 22nd, Pullman garden with + and other awesome people
79. June 23rd, 7th st w/ Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour, Firing Squad, Roaming Bear
80. June 29th, bookworm café in Rockford with Aidan Mclane and Joe Disastr
81. July 10th, Gnarnia w/ Warren Franklin, Football Etc, Heavy Boots
83. July 27th, Steveo’s free fun fest vol 2 w/ colleen mcguckin
84. July 30th, Gnarnia w/ Au Revoir, Babykid, Toopin
85. August 8th, House Café w/ Billy Mack, Paper Ceilings, Amy Bruce Spaceshow, Gina from C…
86. August 16th, Rockford Art Deli w/ Bandits!
87. August 17th, Archer Asylum w/ Ugly Bones and many others
88. August30th, Corn Fest! w/ Nobelium, Stockyards, Phantom Scars, and more!
89. Sept 28th, 7th st  Acou/poetry night featuring Old Fox Road
90. Oct. 11th, 7th st Acou/poetry night featuring Dead Work
91. Oct. 19th, 7th st w/ Phantom Maggots, PTS, Phantom Scars, Seasonal Men’s Wear
92. Oct. 26th,  House Café Mountain Goats cover set
93. Nov. 29th, + hiatus show at Elastic w/ Raych Jackson and Elise or else
94. Dec. 7th, Disastr House w/ Austin Lange, Matt Holland, Listen, Natalia
95. Dec. 13th, Greg Johnson party w/ Dead Work, Evasive Backflip, Chiaki and Renegade Acoustic
96. Dec. 14th, Swing State w/ Billy Mack Collector, Pilot, and Jack Torrance
97. Dec. 31st, New Years @ Arkham Asylum w/ Gina, from Constantine and Ghoul for a Goblin
98. Jan. 17th, Abbey Pub w/ Leopold and his Fiction,Winnie Page and the Dirt Band, Fleeting Suns
99. Feb. 9th,Haley’s w/Billy Mack,Gina, SuburbanistsBowl of Dust Eleanor ElectraDust and Silence
100. March 7th, Disastr House w/ The Turdles and My God the Heat
101. March 8th, 7th st w/ Butchered, WFFLF, PTS, and Morphine Squirtgun
102. March 17th, Gnarnia w/ Community Currency, Gina from Constantine, Billy Mack
103. March 22nd, Haley Fest! Bunch of good folk punk!
104. April 19th, Davey Dynamite Full band set! With Jerry Fels, SMW, and the Suburbanists
105. April 25th, Acoustic/Poetry night at Manuel, Stephanie, and Isabel’s
106. May 5th, ChicagoPartyAnimals w/GHOST MICE, BERNAYS PROPAGANDA,Suburb/Gina/Stufy
107. May 24th, Mike’s garage with Wompus and I Actually

108. June 13th, Des Moines, IA, house show at Elliot’s dad’s w/ Moose, Cookie Doh, and more
109. June 14th, St. Louis, MO Pancake Productions HQ Flag Day celebration
110. June 15th, Indianapolis, IN, HOSH! Folk Punk Festival
111, June 17th, Bowling Green, OH, at AnarchOhio
112. June 18th, Kalamazoo, MI, Open Mic Night at Louie’s Bar
113. June 19th, Hamtramck, MI, Kelly’s Bar w/ Tig Bitty

114. July 5th, House Café w/ Mike Castle, Christopher Bell, and Kevin Devine
115. July 31st, Drunken Donut w/Betty,Betty Blackfoot, Highway Ruger Bandits,Wally Tusk,False Idols
116. Aug. 4th, Gnarnia w/ Highway Ruger Bandits, False Idols, Amy Bruce, Mr. Denim, Wally Tusk
117. Aug. 8th, Music for Meals w/ Led Zep Reunion Tour, Without a Shadow, Backburner, Lack of Common Knowledge
118. Aug. 9th, Garrett’s house w/ Robber’s Roost, Suburbanists, False Idols, Highway RB
119. Aug. 14th, Drunken Donut w/ Eric Funn, Rusty, Colin Uthe, False Idols, Highway RB
120. Aug. 23rd, Matt G’s house w/ Johanna Rae, False Idols, Kyle Hall, Highway RB, Stufy
121. Sept. 26th, House Café w/ 6’10, Dead Split Egos, Friskie Morris
122. Sept. 27th, The Fallout w/ Uglybones, Step Right Up, Dead Split Egos, Flagass, Alley Slob Service, Pervert Preachers
123. Oct. 9th, Disastr House Folktober Fest featuring Twin, Bigger than Mountains, Jerry Fels
124. Oct. 11th, 7th st. MIJALFEST III
125. Oct. 12th, The Mutiny in Chicago w/ Some Kind of Nightmare and Alley Slob Service
126. Oct. 24th, DeKalb house party w/ Patrick Hurley, Ham-Strings, Tom something?
127. Oct. 25th, Chicago Alley Slob Service backyard show w/ Flagass, Brain Injury. Crummy Hand Jobs. THE ATROCITIES. Thirty Case Chase. Ritalin O.D. Animals We've Become. ACID SLUT
128. Oct. 27th, Pub Time in Blue Island w/ Travis Z, Eddie Jazz, and the Ridgelands
129. Nov. 1st, ELB in Rockford w/ Clem, Archers & Iluminators, After Hour Animals, Jordan & His Stupid Silly Songs, Wood Chickens, Aidan Mclane, andEmily Otis
130. Nov. 14th, 7th st space w/ DAYS N DAZE, We The Heathens, Old Fox Road, and Travis Z
131. Nov. 15th, Attic in Chicago w/ DAYS N DAZE, We the Heathens, Suburbanists, and Stufy the Sidekick
132. Nov. 29th, House Café One-Man Band Night ft. Sam Bond, Dead Drugs, Mezz McGillicuddy, and Animalaktivity
133. Dec. 5th, Jurassic Park in Chicago Benefit Show w/ ASS, Aggro Control, Ritalin OD, Crummy Handjobs, Ultra Nada, Los Criminales
134. Jan. 17th, Record Breakers in Chicago w/ Through N Through, Killing Gods, and Foreign Policy

---SMW/DD Illinois World Mini-tour----
135. Jan. 29th, Quencher’s in Chicago w/ “Richardson” Richardson and Bottle Kids
136. Jan. 30th, Galesburg, IL @ The Beanhive w/ Kyle Hall and Missy Preston
137. Jan. 31st, Champaign, IL @ Thee Death Tower w/ Old Fox Road and Single Player
---end of trip---

 138. Feb. 21st,  Old Mt. Happy w/ Escape from the Zoo, ASS, Suburbanists, Stufy, Caulfield Kids, Betty Betty Blackfoot, and more!
139. March 29th, Convoy!! At Gnarnia w/ Catfish Steve, Sloth Hands, Old Wolves, Jordan & His Stupid Silly Songs and Spooky Tarantulas
140. May 11th, Pub Time in Blue Island w/ Cut Up, Bottle Kids, and Born on Jeffreys
141. May 15th, Green Tangerine Records in Cortland IL w/ Nobelium 102 and I, the Martian
142. May 15th, DeKalb Art Party with a bunch of cool artists and musicians and friends
143. May 23rd, Kenosha, WI Finney’s Lounge w/ a bunch of cool bands ft. Days n Daze and We the Heathens
145. June 6th, 1st Davey D and the Salt Creek Duo show- Arkham Asylum This is Chicago not LA, w/ Union Boys, Bombflower, PTS, Horrids, Kreutzer Sonata, Dead Split Egos, Flagass, Rhetoric Vendetta
146. June 9th,  Hosh Fest 2! w/ Arroyo Deathmatch
147. June 20th, House Café w/ David Dondero, Al Scorch, Old Wolves, Taboo Blah Blah
148. July 8th, Pub Time in Blue Island w/ Symptoms, Jims, and Shoebomb

149. July 23rd, Chicago kickoff at Gnarnia w/ +, stash4D, Saint Lost, Sloth Hands
150. July 25th, Rockford at D House w/ Sloth Hands, and other cool dudes
151. July 26th, Minneapolis, MN at Arugaland backyard w/ Psybeams
152. July 27th, Madison, WI at Mickey’s Tavern w/ (just me), Double Ewes, Red Francis, Tarpaulin
153. July 28th, St. Louis, MO at Livery Company w/ ?U3ST!ON!, WHSKY GNGR
154. July 29th, Nashville, TN at The Pond w/ Bandits!
155. July 31st, Jacksonville FL at Shantytown w/ Charlie Shuck, Betty Betty Blackfoot, Snorey
156. Aug. 1st, Atlanta, GA at a park w/ Dakota Floyd and Anna Yancey Ballard
157. Aug. 2nd, Charlotte, NC at The Rabbit Hole w/ Alive/Alone, The words we use, Joules, The Strange
158. Aug. 4th, Bethlehem, PA at Advanced Listening Headquarters w/ Nate Marks, Eric Funn, Kokoro, and 1 moree?
159. Aug. 5th, Akron, OH at LICH w/ Michael Str!ke, Raine, Penny Arcade
160. Aug. 7th, DeKalb at the House Café w/ Sam Bond, Melomaniac, The Audio Dead
---END o’ TOUR---

161. Oct. 3rd, St. Louis, MO PPHQ Pancakefesten
162. Oct. 8th, Steal Reserve Hideout w/ Paper Ceilings, Lesbian Poetry, Wally Tusk, Hang Union
163. Oct. 10th, Rotten Squash fest In Harvard w/  a bunch of awesome folks
164. Oct. 24th, Folktober Fest 2 at Disastr House w/ Old Wolves, Churchill Guard, and Led Zep Reunion Tour
165. Nov. 11th, Underground Lounge w/ Cut Up, Bottle Kids, and Headspins
166. Nov. 20th, 7th st w/ Magnus Honey, Crystal Gravy, The RPMs (3 sets 1 night yeehaw)
167. Nov. 27th, House Café 1 man band night w/ Dead Drugs, Peter Lindsay, Zak XLVII, Hayden Hallgren
168. Dec. 19th, Nacho Tree House w/ Dead Drugs, Boxsledder, So Pretty, Everlasting Goth Whopper/Nacho Trees, Matthew Brockman
169. Jan. 24th, Township w/ The Florida Rooms and Dunwich Rats
170. Feb. 5th, Beat Kitchen w/ 6’ 10 and Mikey Classic and his Lonesome Spur
171. March 19th, House Café Crystal Gravy album release w/ Dead Drugs and “Richardson” Richardson
172. April 3rd, Uncommon Ground with My Unknown Brother
173. April 16th, Corey fundraiser at Pub Time w/ Black Bear Rodeo, Ridgelands, Nightcap, Brick Assassin, Criminal Kids
174. April 29th, Green Tangerine Records w/ Dog’s Dead, Nacho Trees, and Dead Drugs
175. April 30th, Gnarnia w/ Moon Bandits, Eric Funn, Babykettle
176. May 13th, Gnarnia w/ Tribal War, Land Before Tim, Cellar Rats, Spooky Tarantulas
177. June 5th, 7th st with Lester and the Finks and Turbo Vamps – for TV 10th anniversary
178. June 27th, Tone Zone in Joliet w/ Apes of the State, Moondog, False Idols, Dunwich Rats, Ghost of Domberg
179. June 28th, Chicago w/ Ankle Grease, Bare Thoughts, Florida Rooms, The Yaks
180. July 16th, Green Tangerine Fest!
181. August 13th, Getty Fest @ Kedzie Castle w/ Stufy, No Horse, The Graveyard Shift, Infinite Knottage
182. August 28th, 7th st space w/ the Salt Creek Duo, Some Kind of Nightmare, Spaghetti Being Smashed Repeatedly With a Fork, SO
183. August 31st, Packback and Jammber open mic w/ cool friends! Pat Hurley, Matt Brown, etc.
184.September 2nd, Disastr House w/ Midwest Mountain Man, Seth Lambert, Party Marty, Life Problems
185. September 17th, Suplex City w/ TWIN, Led Zepplin Reunion Tour, Nomad Mountain Outlaws, Roaming Bear, Sea of Bitterness
186. October 8th, 7th st space w/ Go Fuck Your Self, Dead Drugs, Dog’s Dead
187. October 29th, House Café Billy Bragg cover set
188. November 14th, Downstairs w/ Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts and Swellshark
189. November 25th, One Man Band night/ #noDAPL fundraiser at the house café with Dead Drugs, Cry Baby Hank, Sam Bond
190. November 28th, Columbia College w/ Wally Tusk & the Film Club and ???
191. December 11th, Suplex City w/ Wrong Numbers, Sam Porter, Chris Sutter, Grammaw
192. December 30th, Cracken Cakes w/ Definition Hero, Equal Opposites, Periodicals, HTBX
193. January 7th, The Floods w/ the Salt Creek Duo, Black Bear Rodeo, E-Legal, Bad Bad Meow

To be continued....