There's way too much going on this month, it's so great. Below are upcoming shows, but first:

Fuckheads is part of a new comp organized by AkuPUNKtura in Kraljevo,Serbia.  It's a super cool and super punk anti-cancer compilation; more words from Gaca here: 

"Almost three years passed since my Dad died. I'm still thinking if there was any way to help him, I'm still in pain, but I hope with this compilation all of us can help with sharing our voices against cancer, with talking about that, with concerts where cigarettes will not be allowed ... 
I wish to send one huge THANK YOU to all bands who took a part on this compilation! I wish them all the best in their life!!! CHEERS!!!"

Alright, now shows:

May stuff:
May 12th (Magnus Honey), hosting at Suplex City w/ Sloth Hands w/ Medusa and the Gorgons and Fish Prom (Bring weird instruments!)

May 17th, at The Birds Nest in Chicago (message for address) w/
Marissa Sendejas, Chatterbox and the Latter Day Satanists, Stufy, Medusa and the Gorgons

May 20th, at 7th Street Space in DeKalb w/ LET THE ANIMALS KILL US, "Richardson" Richardson, Ribbonhead, Sweat, and John Swan

May 23rd, This is pretty embarrassing, but I have a note in my phone calendar that just says "dd show township?" I imagine this is no longer happening, but uhhh who did I talk to about this? : |

May 25th (Magnus Honey), Cracken Cakes w/ Daisys (MI) and Marissa Garza (Let me know if you'd want to jump on this!)

May 28th, The Shack in Ingleside w/ Apes of the State (PA), NO HORSE and Danny Lamborgini

I'm so stoked to announce that I'll be playing two rad fests this June:

June 2-4, Compost Heap Fest in Denver, CO!

June 9-11, Glacier Valley Music Fest in Cambria, WI!

and more! Yeah!

Also, Gaca wrote a review of Holy Shit in Serbian, which is so rad hahaha