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PancakeFesten X: PPHQ 10th Anniversary Party/Barbecue/PancakeFesten/Benefit Concert/Scavenger Hunt/Sleepover FESTIVAL WEEKEND!

Pancake Productions Headquarters: I've lived, and been hosting shows, in this place for ten years. X marks the spot! Let's celebrate that with pancakes, croquet, food, live music, and most of all partying.

Attendance is FREE. Pancakes may cost a buck or two apiece. Let's say proceeds will go to the continued upkeep of PPHQ as a place to have a free fun time on occasion.There might eventually be a KickStarter associated with getting me a new pancake griddle that'll be an opportunity for free pancakes at this event? I don't know man, I'm playin' it by ear. The newest PANCAKE SAMPLER is slated for release at this festival and to feature nothing but songs about pancakes; some of them by the very acts that you'll see play live on one of TWO stages. Maybe there will be beer sponsorships (sponsorships of any kind are, of course, welcome--talk to me). Maybe there will be a scavenger hunt. Definitely there will be DIQBONGing. Any and all will be welcome to join. Here's a not-at-all exhaustive list of performers who have either agreed to play, or whom I assume will play just because they're that cool:

Lord of the Yum-Yum (Chicago, IL)
Paper Ceilings (Columbia, MO)
Dubb Nubb
Whoa Thunder
Lesbian Poetry (Des Moines, IA)
Zak Marmalefsky
Bobby Stevens
The Vanilla Beans
Seaby & The Rules -
Carondelet Guy
The Ottomen (maybe we can finally get a Garage Lodge performance out of them)
Normandie Wilson (she probably owes me)
Popular Mechanics -
Fire Dog -
Bitchin' Seahorse (you never know)
Dick Move
Curt Oren (Iowa City, IA)
Time Against Light
Capuchin Punks
The Maness Brothers
4th City Rag
Le' Ponds
The Conformists
Shut In
Dear Rabbit (Colorado)
Destroy Nate Allen (Kansas City, MO)
Stand-Up Comedy Showcase!
Magnus Honey (Chicago, IL)
Patrick Elkins (Ypsilanti, MI)
Brian's Bathwater (Brian DePauli and Martin)
Sleeping Cranes
Sun Bros.
Little Ruckus (Fairfield, IA)
Bible Belt Sinners

and MANY MORE. I'd love to book acts that are not traditionally acoustic and get them to perform acoustically. The weirder that'd be for a given act, the better it'll be to have them on the bill (I'm looking at you, Bug Chaser, Black James, Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship, M.S.I.F., and Tok). Acts that submit pancake song recordings for the Pancake Sampler will be given priority, natch. Music Friday 5PM-11PM, Saturday 12PM-11PM, and Sunday 12PM-10PM.
Lodging will be available in the garage or on the front lawn (bring a tent) at no extra cost (beyond FREE). If you don't know where to go, you'd better call 314-TOES-GRO!

Within the next coupla weeks/months I will finalize the lineup and times and post it all here. Submissions to perform are wide open. Submissions to the sampler are too (even for folks who can't party at the party). Get in touch soon. Mostly I'm creating this FaceBook e-Vent now as a placeholder so that people keep this thing in mind and don't book other junk during this weekend (or, if they do, they feel bad for it. Popular Mechanics!).