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Davey Dynamite and Magnus Honey Tourcation!

Facebook event page:

Hello! We are going to travel and experience this strange place we call life... and America.

We (Dave and Rigby) are also doing our best to try to play a bunch of shows and see new and old friends! Please let us know if you would like to help us find shows or places to stay or things to do. Thank you ♥

The touring sets will be:

Davey Dynamite - acoustic personal political loud/quiet tunes -

Magnus Honey - exqueerimental campfire rock n roll -

Here's where we will be or want to be or hope to be or love to be:

23: Chicago (Gnarnia!) -
24: ???
25: Rockford, IL (confirmed!) -
26: Minneapolis or Wisconsin or something
27: Madison, WI (confirmed!) -
28: St. Louis, MO (confirmed!) -
29: Nashville, TN (confirmed!)
30: New Orleans maybe? Oh god what am i doing?
31: Jacksonville, FL (confirmed!) -
1: Atlanta probably
2: Charlotte, NC (confirmed!) -
3: East Coast, like virginia or DC or maryland?
4: Allentown PA (confirmed!)
5: PA?
6: Michigan or Ohio or Illinois?
7: Dekalb, IL(confirmed!)(Rigby's birthday!)
8: Probably just go home and sleep or something.

As you can see, this is a damn mess. We honestly don't care, we need to just get out of Chicago for a little bit. Let us play your backyard/park/bar/venue/stadium/churchcamp. For real, if you think you could help us out anywhere, we would be so grateful